Fitness Classes for your Workplace

We design realistic and sustainable exercise programs tailored to your budget, existing initiatives, delivering the best result for your investment. We run ongoing fitness classes to help your workforce maintain good health.

Stress Release

Our stress release options include workshops, cooking demonstrations and massage. The perfect response to cope with stress is to find ways to let it all out eat healthier and gain vital insights that are instant stress busters.

Healthy Living

We offer realistic nutritional seminars on topics such as 'eating for energy' that reduces fatigue. We share expertise and knowledge on healthy eating that's relevant to your workforce. A healthier workforce is a more productive, safer workforce.


Challenges are fun and get great results. The aim is to work with you and your team to help keep the team motivated where everyone is a winner. Keeping track along the way helping your team stay focused and committed to their individual and team success


One size does not always fit all! Our approach to health aligns with your needs, your values, and your culture.

Employee Empowerment

We provide opportunities for staff to be actively involved in their own self management around health, believing this creates longer-term healthier habits.

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    Simone Kleyn

    Director/Fitness & Nutrition Consultant
The Team

Fitness Nutritious are your hard working, go-to team who love nothing better than helping you and your employees enjoy feeling healthier and happier. We're in it, so we all win it!

Mobile - we come to you

We develop programs that fit into your work schedule.



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  • Simone has great passion for helping people make the right sustainable choices when it comes to improving their quality of life and health. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and nutrition and loves learning and inspires the public and staff members to make positive realistic changes.

    Keith Martin- Aquatic and Fitness Centre Manager, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic | 2014
  • I had low blood pressure, was quite weak physically, suffered anxiety and had very low cardio capacity. Simone was very thorough and professional in gathering my health details. She’s very thoughtful in giving achievable goals and not overwhelming me with tasks. Her sense of humour and enthusiasm made my sessions enjoyable. I always felt so much better after each hour with Simone.

    R McGregor BN
  • When I began with Simone I was often tired and felt lethargic. I wanted to get fit in order to undertake extra study on top of a full time job. Working with Simone has seen my fitness levels increase. At the beginning of 2013 we started doing flexibility sessions together and I am thrilled with the results. I’m breathing better, it’s giving me pain relief in my knee and I’m also sleeping better at night. Simone has mentored me in developing good eating habits and drinking enough water to keep me healthy. Highly recommended!

    S Russell| 2013
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Fitness Classes for your Workplace