When you invest in corporate wellbeing you invest in the future of your business, and its people.

It’s important we get results. We keep track of:


  • weight
  • percentage body fat
  • waist circumference
  • blood pressure (pre and post challenges)


We'll provide a report to show you that what we do really works.

We can also track base line measures, for those who incorporate our programmes, of injuries, cholesterol, sick days, and, if part of your company health and safety procedures, lung function.  This can be done every 6 months or yearly.




How do you ensure your team keep healthy, keep fit, and keep safe? 

That’s where we come in.

We work with businesses that are serious about Employee Wellness. 

We’ll work with your team, anywhere, to improve their nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.

How we do this is through education, providing opportunity and encouragement. We focus on habits, not just goals. Eating nutritious foods, relieving stress and increasing fitness improves focus, concentration, coordination, strength and mobility, lowering your injury rate, company LTI’s and increasing productivity.


The World Health Organisation states that workplace physical activity can increase productivity by 52% and reduce sick leave by up to 32%.



Our nutrition programmes answers all those questions around what foods are good for us, and which ones aren’t. A healthier workforce is a more productive, safer workforce.

It’s fair to say by incorporating our simple and effective corporate health programmes you’ll be well on the way to a healthier and happier workforce.


Join us today – we will make a positive difference to your employee wellbeing.





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Our Mission:
Empowering people to become personally responsible for creating and maintaining personal health and wellbeing in their life.

Our programmes are designed to fit in around you. Our options can be tailor made to suit your company and culture or you have the choice to pick and mix. You name it, we've got it - so go ahead, come and take your pick!


Great team building!

Stress Relief

Great happiness!



Great knowledge!


Group Fitness

Great to improve manual handling and reduce lower back pain!

One on One

Great individuals!





We know corporate wellbeing can go a bit stale so we are always working on the "what next". We want to keep the ball rolling and our job is to provide you with solutions to achieve your long term wellbeing goals. Refreshers are implemented to prevent skill/knowledge fade. We talk a lot about sustainability here at Fitness Nutrious and basically we mean creating healthier habits. We do this by addressing key areas:


  • Developing a positive mind set
  • Sharing expert knowledge via our seminars, workshops, emails and challenges
  • Creating achievable and inspirational challenges
  • Delivering solutions to you wherever you are
  • Energising refreshers and take home notes

It’s all a matter of habit and we’re here to work beside you every step of the way!

Are you ready to make a change?

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