Some people prefer a more one on one approach and these options they will love.  People really benefit from the personal touch we offer. We make sure it’s private and just perfect for you.

We don't believe in diets or calorie counting!


  • Personal nutrition consultations
  • Personal supermarket shopping tour
  • Personal Training


We assist you with some or all of the following: weight loss, core conditioning, fitness, functional movement, mobility, prehabilitation (injury prevention) rehabilitation, and health & stress management, improved nutrition, having fun and creating a balanced lifestyle.

1st session is free. At that time we discuss what you want or need (which are key) and how I can help you achieve your goals. I am mindful of adapting any fitness programme to take into account any physical limitations or injuries you may have. We discuss what services you would receive, what your personalised package would comprise of. 

Benefits from Personal Training:  Achieving goals  Improved fitness - weight loss/ management - increased cardiovascular system - stronger body - more energy - healthier immune system - better sleep - less pain - greater confidence and self esteem - more attuned with oneself - overflow of nourishment that extends to those around you.

Clients really feel supported when we get together because the training session is adapted to how you feel on arrival, taking into consideration your mood, health condition and current level of fitness. Clients often say they feel very proud they have made the effort, despite their busy lives, to regularly put time into themselves that they and their families are benefiting from. They love feeling positively energised which develops from consistently eating healthy foods, participating in regular exercise at their level, and the compliments they receive.

As you can see you receive more from me than the 1hr of Personal Training and even work together with your health practitioners if required so you receive the greatest advantage in getting results. I will support you every day by being available to answer questions. Plus I will be in touch with you frequently to provide you encouragement, keep you motivated and give you tips that will keep you on track to achieve a better, fitter, healthier physical and mental you!



We help you to make easy to achieve, sustainable changes in your eating and exercise habits, creating a more positive and balanced lifestyle.  



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