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Wellbeing Workshop

Our workplace wellbeing workshop arms your team with vital insights and knowledge around the foods they should and shouldn’t eat and the exercises that can help them enjoy life to the full. 

The company is rewarded with less absenteeism days and increased presenteeism days.  It’s fair to say by incorporating our simple and effective corporate health programmes you’ll be well on the way to a healthier and happier workforce.


Taster of practices to include in your life for improved wellbeing

Wellbeing workshops improve employees’ health. Blending positivity with visualisation, fitness, fun, nutrition, stress release and relaxation.  It’s a powerful half day of revitalisation and nourishment for body and mind. This will leave employees feeling refreshed and inspired.






Delicious, nutritious meals can be achieved in super quick time if you know how and plan ahead.  Our cooking demonstrations take away 5pm panic! We’ll show your workforce quick and easy ways to eat tasty and healthier meals every day.


What’s involved:


Interactive teaching
It’s time for everyone to come together, have some fun and learn how to make quick, easy and healthy meals. Our cooking demonstrations on stress free quick simple meals are simply delicious and nutritious. Options to choose from can include dairy, gluten, sugar free and vegetarian.

Held on your work site and all we need is a kitchen with a stove, oven, sink and tap.  Easy as.

Food tasting/samples
This is the good bit, well it’s all good, but this is the yummy part where everyone gets to taste the delicious nutritious food.

Each participant will receive the recipes so everyone is all set to go, plus info on where to shop and how to shop for yummy, healthy life giving food.  This handy little hand out is your “go to” guide making life easier, heathier and more relaxed.


With our cooking demonstrations and info your workforce will have one less thing to worry about, one more thing to be proud of and lots more delicious, nutritious food to enjoy.  






  •   Is your workforce tired all the time?
  •   Are they making poor decisions or not coping well      when pressure starts to build?
  •  Are they irritable and short tempered with their  workmates on a regular basis?


Chances are they’re stressed to the max and that’s not good. We all know stress can damage health and wellbeing and we can help your workforce start to cope better with a beautiful, therapeutic massage.


The benefits of a professional and qualified massage are:

- Gives your workforce a chance to relax, unwind and let it all go.  We make better decisions when we’re not stressed, we behave better and we’re happier
- It’s important to take time out and escape mentally even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Sometimes doing nothing is the key to combat stress
- Massage is powerfully therapeutic and incredibly uplifting


Stress related illnesses are costing us all a lot of money and some people are quite literally working themselves to death.

Be the first one to help your workforce beat the stress killers and help them unwind, relax and enjoy life at work and at home.

Give us a call today – we’re instant stress busters!

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