Having to talk to a nutritionist was very helpful to me since I do sports.  At the start it was really hard for me to find one but then I found Simone, one of the nutritionist and staff members at Oceanblue gym. When I told her what I really needed help in she instantly gave lots of tips at the first catch up and then so on and on, she helped me by doing the nutrition package with the 3-day food diary. I really think it was worth spending time on because it helped me make right eating choices and perform better during boxing.

I had my first boxing fight of the year and won.  I had been following her diet, it helped me alot, I felt way fitter in the boxing ring.  Thank you so much. 

Jazz 2018



“ While we thought our eating habits and diet were pretty good from completing Fitness Nutritious Step into Life, Eat for Life, and Spring into Life Programmes and we grow a lot of our own food, there was still something not quite shifting. I spoke with Simone about what I could do and she put together a programme just for me for 6 weeks because I was also training for a hike.

This programme included our kitchen cupboards and fridge….

Simone, with her very respectful and professional way and always checking in we (my husband and I) were ok with her being in our personal space which I felt was amazing, went through our cupboards and kitchen fridge and freezer and talked through what we had and how we used it. She also pointed out the positives as well as what we could tweak. 

I love my baking and from my time with Simone and her programmes I have also changed my way of finding recipes for changing out sugar to still have tasty satisfying snacks and now if I do take up a chocolate or chocolate bar I can’t finish it, my body doesn’t get off on it anymore and I feel yuck.

After Simone went through the kitchen with us she took me supermarket shopping with our shopping list. A couple of things I am not ready to give up on which Simone left it with me to be my choice with the knowledge I now know…. A lot of what we talked about and what Simone showed me to look for when shopping I have changed my way of thinking about food shopping, even right down to eco dishwashing tablets and washing powder, I like to think of myself as eco-friendly and I didn’t’ even think about those things!

Thanks Simone, we look great, feel great and live even greater!

Lietta Ernie 2018



I went to Simone at a time when I was really struggling with my eating. I was skipping breakfast and had very irregular eating habits.  Simone has taught me the importance of meal times. I learnt about eating whole foods, proteins, and which supplements were beneficial for me.  I'm not perfect, but I've come along way since meeting with Simone, and I'm very happy where I'm at!!  Thanks Simone, you are truly an inspiration.

Dale Gutry - 2017


Earlier this year I was very lucky to meet Simone from Fitness Nutritious at the woman's expo in Tauranga.  Simone helped me to get on top of food that wasn't helping my recovery from fibromialgia and ulcerative colitis.  Since changing my food habit and eating times I am finally seeing results I've never experienced before. Thank you for helping me take my control back through your nutrition skype package.
Thank you Simone and Fitness Nutritious

Sharon Archer - 2016 





Simone has been amazing. I am so happy with the results after 6 personal trainer sessions with Simone. She listened to what I wanted and worked with me to achieve my goals. I feel that I definitely got my money’s worth as Simone was always very well organised and had a plan ready for each session. Will definitely be back for more sessions.

Fiona Mcdonald 2019


Simone has been an amazing support as my personal trainer. While I have been with Simone I have lost weight, eaten healthier and best of all I have reduced my cholesterol levels significantly to a level I haven’t had in years. I have also reduced my type 2 diabetes markers. Both of these risk factors were important to reduce due to a family history of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Simone always listened to my needs, tailoring a plan just for me and never made me feel as if I wasn’t good enough to achieve my goals. Thanks Simone 😊 

Sam Rhodes 2019


In April this year my daughter and I walked to Everest Base Camp (EBC), Nepal.  I was really thrilled to have made it to Base Camp and down in good condition.  I can honestly say if it had not been for Simone's guiding hand my journey may well of been less enjoyable.  6 months prior to our walk Simone put me under a programme which provided me with the physical and mental strength to be fit to concur EBC.  Simone not only takes a pesonnel interest in your progress she also researched what was required to get me fit for purpose.  I would highly recommend Simone for anyone taking on challenges like mine.  Kind regards

Gill Cameron 2018


I was introduced to Simone Kleyn by Mel at OceanBlue Gym in August 2017. At the time, my husband and I were over 60, overweight and over believing the years of moderate fitness were enough to ensure we would enter the later years of our life in the best physical condition possible. My husband was 5 months into recovering from a hip replacement, and we, individually, engaged Simone to tailor a fitness programme that would be progressive, goal-oriented and non-repetitive.

Simone is a NICE person....she is interested in her client; she gives 100% concentration and effort when she is training you, coming prepared for the session with a thoughtfully created programme. Her conversation is interesting and challenging in the sense that she is always ascertaining where her client is on the fitness and health continuum. Simone's chat is friendly but business-like - reinforcing her mantra of empowering, motivating and inspiring change and wellbeing.

Simone makes a fresh assessment of our progress before each session, noting any injury, illness or energy and motivation level before deciding on the day's exercises. She is firm, encouraging but also immediately sensitive to our ability to hold good form in a sequence. She returns back to exercises previously executed to reinforce the benefit from muscle memory, and to show progress on strength and fitness.

Simone is trustworthy - when she sets the session's programme, we can totally trust that we will be able to achieve the goals offered. We have found that this trust permits us to totally concentrate on the task at hand; not take up head-space worrying whether we can do the exercise, or last the distance.

Simone is a never-ending source of inspiration, with suggested variations of methods of movement, dietary requirements, habit-forming and habit breaking tips, gentle persuasion and stern dissuasion. Her passion for her work is evident in the energy she brings to her sessions, her professional approach to individualised programmes, and the wonderful encouragement and smiling demeanor she exhibits at every encounter.

We are fortunate to have been introduced to Simone, and the results we have both gained under her guidance have permitted us to participate in classes and to utilize the equipment at the gym with knowledge and clarity that we are progressing our fitness a little more each day.

Thank you, Simone, and we have no hesitation to recommend your attentive programme to others. 

Mike and Angie Piper 2018 
Pukehina Beach


A dedicated oceanblue gym client  has gained these INCREDIBLE results in the last 6 months. ‘Due to confidentiality and trust’ their name will remain anonymous. 

 They have fine-tuned their eating 

 Learnt to say no to other people’s offer of food

 Is confident in making choices that don’t include carbs (other than fruit and veg)

 Reduced wine intake by 75% 

 Increased their water intake

 Gained control of their bowels

 They said they feel more capable physically and mentally

 Increased core strength 

 Increased endurance

 Reduced fatigue levels

 Has more energy

 Is able to do deep breathing

 Can concentrate on their breath during exercise

 Increased cardiovascular fitness

 Can now do a spin class

 Gone off their antidepressant 

 Feels great

 Are much healthier

Anonymous 2018


Simone is amazing at her job. If you want support, and encouragement yet  good accountability, she’s the one to help you achieve your goals. She has a wonderful 

knowledge, built from intensive study and experience and I would highly recommend her! Some personal trainers are a little scary and hard to relate to, but Simone has a great understanding and accepts wherever you are at this point and helps to create achievable goals. This can include creating a lifetime of realistic healthy eating habits, with small changes, that fit easily into your daily life.🐝

Margie Thomas 2018


I had a stroke in 2012 and started personal training with Simone in May 2017.   I wish I had started personal training with her earlier due to the results I have seen, it has been wonderful.  The results have not only been physical but have also helped mentally.  It has improved my confidence.  I don’t feel so self-conscious because my walking is better and my overall body movements are better.  I don’t think people are looking at me now thinking ‘she has had a stroke.’  I feel far more able to tackle things that I couldn’t do before like a big walk and general daily living activities.  I can now socialise with all my friends without someone having to look after me as I don’t have to worry about falling 

over. I just feel so much better. That is exactly how I feel.  Thank you. 

Kathy Anderson 2018



Simone has helped me in many and varied ways.  At times when my body was a bit ‘low’ she coached me through gentle stretching and movement.  Once I voiced an interest in water exercises, there we were in the pool working to my ability (and a bit more)! She has helped me get a grip on the couple of unhealthy eating habits I had.  Simone is certainly an all-rounder as far as coaching goes.  She is even talented as a life coach as I discovered when I told her of a stressful personal event.  She is both kind and gentle, tough and no-nonsense.  If you are older and wanting help at the gym to achieve any results I highly recommend asking Simone to guide you.  She will push you on your good days, but gently back off if it’s a bad day and will still give you a very meaningful time at the gym.

Jyl Christopherson 2017


Simone has challenged, pushed and encouraged me at every point these last 12 weeks and I’m seeing results. I so enjoy my sessions with her and come away feeling exhausted, yet inspired. Simone is passionate about what she does and imparts so much fitness and nutritional information every time I see her. I can’t wait for my next session.

Dee Collins 2017


I wanted to do personal training to lose weight and get my strength back as I had become a couch potato. Getting PT, I didn’t really have any concerns. If I wasn’t referred by someone who knew me, I probably wouldn’t have done it.As a result of having PT I have improved strength, improved confidence, knowing that I can do it and I needed that push.The specific features I like most about personal training is that Simone came to my house. She gave me guidance and encouragement also giving support between sessions with texts to check up on me. She provided one on one training, gave variety each week changing the training around making it more interesting. The results were great, fantastic with weight loss of 17kg. I didn’t think I could do it but with Simone’s guidance and pushing me, I did it! Other benefits about PT I have received, is that it has motivated me to get off my chuff and do some exercise when Simone is not with me. Simone is flexible and works in with my timetable changing times when needed.I would recommend Simone as she gives lots of encouragement but is not too pushy. I am no longer a couch potato and am very proud of it! 

Daryl 2016


Words cannot express the deep appreciation that I have in your part of my great journey.  Your patience, committment, flexibility and understanding of me and my body has been awesome.  You have helped and guided me on a new path of health and fitness, kept me on track and I take a new found level of motivation and desire from our 2 years together.  I will miss our weekly get togethers.  I wish you happiness and health for your future.  You will always be on my shoulder and apart of my future journeys.

Lynne Whitworth 2015


I come to you as you were personally recommended!  What makes you special is your individualised approach, your combination of skills in personal training and nutrition, your flexibility of venue and range of training options, your friendly and interested personality!  I liked your ability to come to my house which suited me.  You are a personal motivator and provider of individualised incentives to achieve a better, fitter, healthier physical and mental you! 

Dr A James -  2014





Thanks again for the opportunity. I love the way it makes you think.

 Trish Stone



Thank you for taking the time out of your life to inspire us.  Best Wishes.




 Winning team Nutritious Step Challenge (NSC)  'Building Buddies'


It has been an exciting 8 weeks and we’ve all enjoyed the challenge even amongst ourselves. We’ve all been bitten by the bug and will keep stepping it out.

Jocelyn Carter

Building Consents Technician



Thank you so much for organising this, it has brought us all together and undoubtedly made us all a little fitter.

Karen Grant



I feel a lot better in myself and am sleeping well.

Ange Storck


Thanks for this challenge, most enjoyable.

Fiona Macnab


I just thought that I would drop you a line and let you know about how I found the step challenge. I have always thought that I was fairly active, I find it hard to sit still for long.  However, when I started counting my daily steps, I was shocked to find that my average was 5000!  And on days when I have a lot of meetings, sometimes it will be around the 3000 mark.  It is now between 7000 and 14000.  My steps have slowly increased each week.I did have a wee set back in the first half of the challenge, in that my pedometer seemed to start working a bit erratically, however you were kind enough to replace and I got quickly back on track. On a positive note, although I didn't lose any weight, (which wasn't my goal anyway), my measurements have reduced.  I made a concerted effort to get the best amount of steps into my day, including walking at lunchtime and enjoyed the excuse to get out in the summer evenings.   I live in Hamilton, so leave before 7am, drive for 1.5 hours, leave work at 5.30pm, and then drive for another 1.5 hours.  This sitting can actually make me feel a bit sore, so I do try and move a lot when I get to my destination.  It will be harder now that daylight savings has finished as it is quite dark when I get home, however, I skip and swim also, so will just increase those activities. I never saw myself as being in competition with other teams, for me the challenge was improving my life and this, I feel has been achieved.  So YAY! I won anyway!  Thanks for the opportunity.

Nicole Frew


Thanks Simone, I am part of the Library CaTS team.  We all enjoyed the challenge, and being in a competition made me feel I should get out and do a bit more each day, so a very worthwhile exercise. Ngā mihi, many thanks.

Michelle Anderson

Team Leader



VENUS - 2016

I participated in the Nutritious Step Challenge which Simone run for eight weeks.  The challenge was to see who had walked the most steps over the eight weeks.  When I first started doing the challenge my steps were so low and because I worked behind a computer all day it made me realise how little I was walking.  I then begin to make sure I got up all the time and walked around the office or took the stairs instead of the lift.  I also started to make a conscious effort to go for walks before or after work as much as I could.  By the end of the challenge my steps were incredibly high!  I really loved it and even now am still continuing to walk as much as possible.  Through the whole challenge Simone was fantastic sending you recipes, tips and encouragement.  It was also great that we could track our self on the website. Thanks Simone I really enjoyed it. 

Taryn Joseph

Venus Regional Manager





I have been part of the 8 week Fitness Nutritious Step Challenge and it has made a huge difference in my attitude towards making walks with the dogs a priority in my work day.  I feel much better taking time out for me, even when the day is busy. Simone supplies the most amazing little almost indestructible pedometers. Mine has been lost in the sand on Papamoa beach and found, went a little trip down the toilet (Yes I can hear you laugh but infinitely possible), been washed and dried overnight in the hot water cupboard and good to go. It's latest adventure was a full wash cycle in the washing machine, where it was still attached to my knickers at the end of the wash! Another night in the  hot water cupboard  and it was fine. Amazing little pedometer keeps ticking away. Thanks Simone

Margie Thomas






Deciding to join the Fitness Nutritious Step Challenge last spring changed my life. As a single woman for the last 25 years, I didn’t feel comfortable doing a lot of things on my own. But when I started walking and saw how much fun other people were having with their dogs, I decided to get a puppy for the first time in my life. Now I don’t feel uncomfortable going places on my own, because I have the dog who acts as a cute ice breaker and I meet and chat to all sorts of people as we walk and explore together. Not to mention the fact that he has kept me walking so that I have maintained a reasonable level of fitness and lost 6-7 kilos in the process! Thank you Simone

Lesley Heywood


Managing Director


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